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To improve public health and promote greater safety on the highways and streets of Georgia by helping to change the attitudes and behaviors of those involved in the use of alcohol and other drugs.

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    March 29, 2015

    Note to providers who have been removed from the Registry because inactivity if you qualify (refer to MORATORIUN on new service facilities on Forms & Manuals), YOU WILL NEED TO REAPPLY TO RESTORE YOUR TP OR CE, therefore, YOU MUST (1) REAPPLY WITH APPROPRIATE FEE ($100 FOR CE AND $150 FOR TP), (2) ATTEND CETP REPORTING TRAINING AND (3) ATTEND PROVIDER REFRESHER TRAINING. ======================= By Law $95.00 is the minimum fee for Clinical Evaluation. ======================= Go on our website to review the training schedule and register for one of the refresher training sessions. You are still responsible to enter your reports completely and accurately should you decide not to attend the offered training. ***********************

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